Meet the leadership behind IUSON Bloomington

The IUSON Bloomington leadership team is dedicated to helping every student, colleague, and patient in the region become the best version of themselves. Find more about each member of our leadership team below. You can also view the full IUSON leadership, which covers all three core campuses.

IU School of Nursing Bloomington consists of several leaders, including those helping move IUSON and IU forward as a whole. Below are members of the Executive Team at IUSON Bloomington.

Moving nursing education and research forward

Welcome to the IU School of Nursing at Bloomington! I’ve always been proud to be an IU Nurse. I’m excited to work with our tremendously talented faculty – who are nationally and internationally recognized in their areas of expertise – our supportive staff and our incredible students to share the magic that is Indiana University.

Welcome – we’re glad you’re here!