Online/Distance-Accessible Learning

We are a leader in online and distance-accessible learning

IU School of Nursing was one of the first schools at Indiana University to implement web-based learning. We continue to implement innovative teaching and learning strategies to help you reach your educational and research goals.

Distance learning is not less rigorous than classroom education, but it can offer more flexibility. There may be fewer requirements for you to be available at a specific time or location, for example. You trade “seat time” in the classroom for online interaction with colleagues, content, resources, and instructors, in addition to reading and preparation of assignments and projects.

What to expect

You will use Canvas, IU’s learning management system, in your distance courses to interact asynchronously (at different times) with colleagues through discussions or by messages. Some courses use a virtual classroom where you interact with colleagues using a webcam and headset/microphone synchronously (same time).

Just like in face-to-face courses, you will read content, access supplemental resources, participate in individual and group projects and activities, make presentations, complete assignments, and be assessed. There are many options for learning collaboratively through discussion, problem-based learning, research, conferencing, and co-authoring documents.

No matter how your course is structured, you are sure to develop lifelong relationships with other students and faculty, both near and far.