Strategic Plan

IU School of Nursing Strategic Plan 2024-2027

Our strategic plan is grounded in the realities of current nursing practice. We listened to community stakeholders, practice partners, faculty, alumni, students, and staff for the things what were most important. 

The IU 2030: The Indiana University Strategic Plan was our north star in aliging with the things that are important to Indiana University. We structured our plan to support and sustain this larger endeavor.

This collaborative approach that gave space for all voices and perspectives has led to a clear path to success for the IU School of Nursing.

Student Success and Opportunity

We will attract and cultivate a diverse student population prepared to care for the needs of a diverse society. Our admissions process must be inclusive and equitable and our rigorous academic programs fueled by high impact teaching. We will foster opportunities, community, and connectedness that prepares students for lifelong success.

Strategic Objectives

Increase/maintain enrollment to meet the health care needs of communities we serve in Indiana.

Foster retention and graduation rates through academic excellence, wellness programming, and structures that foster community and connectedness.

Foster readiness and transition into practice bolstered with career support and lifelong learning.

Transformative Research & Creativity

Our research and scholarship agenda focuses on health equity and disparity priorities to improve health outcomes and transformative teaching strategies to empower students and shape tomorrow's leaders. We will support and attract a cadre of nurse scientists and scholars and actively disseminate their research findings. We will be a national leader of education for nursing policy.

Strategic Objective

Stimulate and cultivate a culture of excellence in nursing scholarship, research, and policy at IUSON.

Strategic Objective

IUSON will be a national leader of education for nursing policy that contributes to improved health outcomes in Indiana and beyond.

Service to Our State and Beyond

Through strong partnerships we will collaborate for the better health of all, further our research agenda, and provide meaningful student opportunities. We will address the issues underlying Indiana's health indicators and social determinants of health.

We will create and sustain a work environment of respect, growth, belonging, and inclusiveness for all employees. This will allow them to work to their highest level of job fulfillment and growth.

Strategic Objective

Develop, foster, and invest local, regional, national, and global partnerships and collaborative relationships to improve the health of Indiana communities and beyond.

Strategic Objectives

Create a level of faculty engagement that engages, supports, develops, attracts, and retains the highest quality, diverse faculty in the country so that they can be the top tier educators, researchers, and clinicians.

Create a level of staff engagement that engages, supports, develops, and attracts the highest quality, diverse staff and allows them to work to their highest level of job fulfillment and growth.

Strategic Objectives

Establish and sustain a diverse culture in which students, faculty, and staff are welcoming, open, and respectful to create an environment for growth, belonging, and inclusiveness.

Create an environment where staff and faculty thrive and grow with the highest level of well-being.