Student Research Opportunities

Students are conducting groundbreaking nurse-led research

With the funding, faculty, size, scale, and ambition to reach higher, there are almost no limits to what IU School of Nursing at Indianapolis students can achieve.

Undergraduate and graduate students at most universities have to wait their turn to conduct industry-leading research, but not at IU School of Nursing at Indianapolis.

Students university-wide and at the IU School of Nursing at Indianapolis are asking tough questions and doing the work to find innovative answers under the supervision of faculty researchers, all while collecting real-world, on-site data.

Pursue research and your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at the same time

Undergraduates who are part of the honors program at the IU School of Nursing at Indianapolis can take part in research, evidence-based practice (EBP), and dissemination of scholarly work through elective coursework in the traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program. To be part of the honors program, undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative IU GPA greater than 3.5.

When you become an honors student, you will have faculty mentorship alongside research that is advancing the cause of nursing and practice. Eligible students learn about the honors program in their second or third year of the nursing program.

You will enjoy small groups or one-on-one with your faculty mentor while you work on a research proposal, collect and analyze data, and interpret the results in context. You will also disseminate meaningful results through abstract development and submission for presentation at professional conferences. You may also be able to submit a manuscript for publication in a scholarly journal.

Research topics and mentors are determined by faculty availability and will likely require work—often conducted remotely—through the summer. If the relentless pursuit of knowledge drives you as it has hundreds of other nursing students, contact Celeste Phillips at to get started.

See a list of past and current student research topics

Get started with your research project

Apply science and knowledge and get to work on improving health, increasing lifespans, and managing illness and end-of-life care. Browse a directory of our researchers, and contact your mentor for support. A faculty mentor can provide help submitting and reviewing applications, applying for funding, preparing your budget, understanding funding and operational regulations, and getting your research work underway.

Angela Beeler
Nursing 340C, Indianapolis