Student Organizations

There are dozens of ways to extend your education beyond the class or skills lab

Part of what makes a health care professional a professional is a keen interest in the work of their peers, understanding new breakthroughs, and working together to form powerful coalitions and associations. You can get a jumpstart on your career, network, and training by joining student organizations at IUFW.

There are several nationally-recognized associations just for nurses, including:

Participation in these organizations are often free or low-cost for nursing students. Like any professional association or member organization, you get out of them what you put in. Do more than add your name to the list—get involved, volunteer, serve on committees or boards, and forge deep connections. The payoff will be rewarding for you in the years to come.

Find on-campus groups closer to home

IUFW has dozens of on-campus groups that promise to be close to home, fun, and for a change of pace have nothing to do with your nursing career. Let loose and sing in a group, develop leadership skills, join the History Club, or learn from a cultural group.

Find a list of student organizations via Purdue Fort Wayne