In Downtown Fort Wayne, students learn career-firsts

Service learning at IU School of Nursing is all about partnerships—with one another, within the school, and throughout the community. That’s how the Lafayette Street Clinic in Downtown Fort Wayne helps students experience some parts of healthcare they may never see again their entire career.

“I show students anything and everything I can while they’re here. There are some interesting things you can see you wouldn’t at a normal doctor’s office,” says Nurse Wakefield. “I’m not sure many students would ever see a cervix if they didn’t come here, or conduct pap exams. You’re seeing what I’m seeing and may not ever see again.”

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Service learning grows connections and more

A commitment to service allows you to reflect on your work in order to expand and deepen your understanding of course content and the profession of nursing.

Current practicing nurses can become preceptors and provide their expertise and high-quality education to nursing students on-the-job.

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