Meet the leadership behind IUSON in Indianapolis

The IUSON in Indianapolis leadership team is dedicated to helping every student, colleague, and patient in the region become the best version of themselves. Find more about each member of our leadership team below. You can also view the full IUSON leadership, which covers all three core campuses.

IU School of Nursing in Indianapolis consists of several leaders, including those helping move IUSON and IU forward as a whole. Below are members of the Executive Team at IUSON in Indianapolis.

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Celebrating leaders since 1914

Each time we celebrate the achievements of our graduates at end-of-year pinning ceremonies, commencement and graduate recognition we have an opportunity to revisit the foundational values and responsibilities of what it means to be an IU nurse. These ideals are outlined in the school pledge, written by BSN Class Officers of December 2013: April Anderson, Aiza Garcia, Jenna Meyers, and Rachel Quick, and recited by both incoming students and new IUSON alumni:

“I hereby pledge before this assembly as a member of the Indiana University School of Nursing to uphold its core values of respect, responsibility, trust, and dialogue. I will show respect for all people, recognizing the importance of their individual contributions and diversity. I will take full responsibility for my actions, and foster trust by acting with honesty, integrity, and openness. I pledge to maintain high personal standards and strive to elevate myself in the nursing profession through a process of lifelong learning. I will maintain the privacy and confidence of my patients. I will embrace diversity, be impartial, and devote myself to continuously advocating for the safety and welfare of those committed to my care. To the best of my ability, I will serve in my practice with distinction.”

This pledge is more than just words. The values, conduct and responsibilities outlined here reflect many of the issues we consider as we engage in visioning and strategic planning for the school.

I am proud to represent an institution that makes profound and meaningful contributions to the nursing profession. Along with the entire faculty and staff, I invite you to discover how we have been empowering leaders for 110 years. Join the legacy today!