Simulation & Skills Center

Sharpen your skills with astonishingly lifelike simulations

Inside IU Fort Wayne Nursing sits two hospital-style rooms with two patients in two beds. These “patients” are Vivian, a 70-year-old, 90-pound British woman with shoulder-length gray hair, liver spots, and a drooping jaw. Victoria is a young adult woman with brown hair who is about to give birth. Both are manikins modeled by special effects studios that also work on James Bond films.

Both of these patients are pushing the boundaries of health care simulation. The Simulation and Skills Center is routinely home to Interprofessional Education Activities (IPE) with IUFW Medicine, Social Work, Dental, Medical Imaging, and Community Partners.

A separate control room allows a moderator to control the emergencies, symptoms, and even the race and language of the patients—all while challenging students to adapt to changing medical emergencies like brain injuries and C-sections.

IUFW students and faculty in Sim Lab
IUFW student in sim lab
FW students in sim lab