Your guides to the School of Nursing

The nursing advisors at Indiana University School of Nursing in Bloomington are experts on nursing education at IU. They’ll help you find answers to your questions about admission requirements, the application process, degree programs, career options, and more.

The advisors work with:

  • High school students considering nursing study
  • IU pre-nursing students
  • IU students admitted to the School of Nursing
  • IU students who want to change their major to nursing
  • Transfer students
  • RN to BSN students
Ashley Burelison

Ashley Burelison, BA, MSEd

Director of Student Services and Advising

Ashley Burelison serves as the advising leader for the School of Nursing on the Bloomington campus. She advises current students in the IU School of Nursing; pre-nursing and students changing their major, and prospective RN to BSN students.

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Joshua Bowles

Josh Bowles, BS, MS

Nursing Advisor, Recorder, and Scheduling Officer

Josh Bowles is an advisor, recorder, and scheduling officer for the IU School of Nursing Bloomington. He advises undergraduate nursing students and has administrative duties related to recorder and scheduling officer roles. 

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Doug DaVee, MS

Academic Advisor

Doug DaVee is an academic for IU School of Nursing, Bloomington campus. He advises current nursing students including RN to BSN.

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