Doctor of Nursing Practice

Become a leader in complex healthcare settings

Are you ready to transform the quality, safety, accessibility, and affordability of patient care? Are you interested in a new career path or a higher-level role in your organization? The ongoing, dramatic transformation of healthcare calls for leaders who can successfully navigate and implement change.

Our Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) graduates are healthcare leaders ready to guide system and/or population-level reforms across the healthcare industry landscape.

Our DNP program tracks are created for big thinkers who want to rebuild healthcare in a time of customer demand for quality, affordable, reliable, lifetime care. We have distance-accessible and part- and full-time options to help meet your individual needs.

Learning outcomes

As a DNP graduate you are well positioned for a successful career as a leader within healthcare settings. Graduates of the program are expected to:

  • Use executive leadership knowledge and skills to advance population health, enhance safety and quality, and disseminate new knowledge in complex systems
  • Create value through novel practice change, translation of evidence, appropriation of resources, and performance improvement.
  • Synthesize multiple sources of information to transform clinical practice and design sustainable new models of care and/or care delivery systems
  • Advocate for diverse patient, family, and community health by actively engaging in design, implementation, and evaluation of health policy at multiple levels
  • Integrate ethical obligations, legal and regulatory recommendations, professional standards, practice guidelines, and professional accountability in own practice
  • Apply interprofessional collaborative relationships to promote cultures of inclusion, inquiry, professional governance, and ongoing partnership