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Every gift is important and meaningful

Recent history has reminded us, once again, how critical nurses are to the health and well-being of families and communities. For every patient in need of measures to prevent illness, there was a nurse. For every patient in need of early detection for a serious illness, there was a nurse. For every patient in need of an advocate and a voice, there was a nurse. For every patient, there was a nurse.

In a world crisis like COVID-19 or the major health care events that affect our family and neighbors, nurses provide life-saving care and life-changing support. Whether you’re ready to help the next generation of nurses realize their dreams or make an impact by supporting a nurse’s program of research, giving to the IU Fort Wayne School of Nursing can make that impact.

Your donation can:

  • Help a nurse meet their own personal crisis, such as covering a rent payment or electric bill that stands in the way of their nursing education
  • Fund scholarships for students enrolled in the IUFW School of Nursing
  • Help the School of Nursing hire and retain world-leading faculty
  • Purchase equipment and tools and develop clinical experiences that prepare the next cohort of nursing leaders

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